"Richard (Ricky) Glenn asked me if I would be willing to write a note of recommendation concerning his work. I told him I would be honored to tell other people about him and what they could expect if they used him as their builder. So, in an effort to put the bottom line first, I would say 'Richard Glenn is a Grand Master in the profession of building quality homes.' However, to fully understand what I mean by that statement, you will have to experience his Christian ethics, professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, wonderful personality, and ultimately live in one of his houses. Let me tell you briefly what went on. During the planning and construction phases of our project, we were in constant communication. Ricky brainstormed ideas with us and took what were already good plans and made them great. We changed 30-35 percent of the original layout based on his insight and experience. He made himself available to us any time we desired. As the construction project progressed, he would meet us at the site and explain what was currently happening, what we could expect next, and the timeline of events. He constantly monitored his sub-contractors, who were outstanding, and made corrections as needed. Once the house was complete, it exceeded all our expectations. At this time, we have been in our new home 7 months and Sandy and I agree that it is fantastic. Ricky still calls to make sure everything is okay and even though the construction is complete, the customer service has never stopped. Do I recommend Richard Glenn Construction???...ABSOLUTELY!!!"     -Lt. Col. Dave and Sandy McCLemore
 United States Air Force

"Ricky Glenn completed our house in May, 2003.  We know many builders in the Montgomery/Prattville/Millbrook area and can say that Mr. Glenn is one of the best builders in home construction.  He knows his craft, is unquestionably honest, and has the best subcontractors in the area.  His houses are carefully constructed with quality components.  Ricky genuinely cares for the owner and knows how to take most of the stress out of the process of having a home constructed."                                   -Dr. Jerry and Sharon Callan

"My husband and I built our first home in 1999.  After interviewing several building contractors, we selected Richard Glenn Construction and Ricky Glenn as our builder.  From the start, Ricky put our minds at ease, explaining every step of the building process.  As time progressed, Ricky continued to keep us informed regarding the status of our home.  Ricky's number one goal was to deliver a quality product and to ensure that we were completely satisfied.  Today, we are building another home and Ricky is again our builder.  When we purchased our lot, there was never any question as to who the builder would be.  Ricky's level of professionalism, integrity, experience, and dedication to his customers make him an asset to both his customers and the building industry."              -Michael and Danuta LaHair

When my husband and I decided to build a house, deciding on a builder was never a question in our minds.  Richard Glenn had always been our choice.  Not only is he an excellent builder but he's my father.  I've watched him build many homes, including several I lived in growing up.  I knew my father was the best choice.  Ask anyone who has done business with my father and they will tell you he is honest, trustworthy and dependable.  I never knew just how much people thought of my father until we built our own home.  When we went to look for things for our home such as brick, sinks, tile and so on, I would tell them I was Richard Glenn's daughter.  They would proceed to tell me what a good man my father was and how much they respected him.  Respect is a very important thing, my father taught me that at a young age.  Not only do people respect my father, but he shows them the same respect.  If you are looking for a builder, there shouldn't be any question in your mind, choose the best, choose Richard Glenn."                                                   -Nikki Glenn-Tiller and Kenny Tiller

"I've had a lot of experience over the past 30 years with building contractors.  But when it comes to one home builder I really like and trust, it's Richard Glenn.  He has built two homes for me in the past nine years and if I needed another right now, I'd call him immediately.  He puts a lot of thought in to each house and gets to the personality of that house.  The house I'm living in now was improved considerably from the design drawings through his suggestions and innovations.  I got a lot of house for a reasonable price.  Thank you Richard Glenn!"                                                                                                                                                              -Sam Coleman

"We selected Ricky Glenn to be our builder in 1995.  We were nervous about building a new home at first since this was our first building experience.  However, Ricky made home building a great experience.  He is a knowledgeable and experienced builder that really cares about his customers."                                                                                                                                                  -Linda and Kenny Reynolds

"Having a new home built was the most exciting adventure my husband & I walked through.  At the beginning, we were somewhat apprehensive on whether we were making the right decision to build.  We had no idea where to begin in this vast world of design.  Our builder, Ricky Glenn made this process so easy for us.  His step by step guidance made us feel like we were children in a candy store, but all the while, keeping us within our budget.  I love my new home!  Thank you Ricky Glenn."                                         -Doc and Betti Watson

"We are thankful for our beautiful home Ricky Glenn built in 2000.  It's more than we dreamed!  We always knew if we ever built, Ricky would be our builder.  At first we weren't sure it was wise to enter a "business endeavor" with a friend, but we were not concerned at all after we first talked to Ricky.  He made it clear up front there was nothing to worry about - he would do things however we wanted.  As he soon discovered we didn't always know what we wanted - decisions, decisions!  Even then, he was very patient and understanding of our fickle, ever-changing minds.  He was always just a phone call away.  He made the whole experience enjoyable and it was much easier than we thought it would be.  In the Summer of 2003 we built a 600 sq. ft. addition and once again Ricky was a life-saver!  If Ricky's not your friend before he builds your home, he will be afterwards.  He is a builder who understands your needs and isn't satisfied until you're satisfied.  With Ricky Glenn you get a good quality home and a true friend for life."                                                      -Chris and Kerry Revell

"Ursula and I had a chance meeting with Ricky while looking at homes in "The Columns" (Millbrook AL) in the Spring of 2003.  We were immediately struck by his sincerity and good humor -- a rarity in builders.  After some research on his reputation we were convinced he was the builder for us.  Over the next  five months he not only built us a beautiful home, he endured countless questions, phone calls, redirections, indecision and requests for advice -- all with a smile.  Even today he responds to our calls quickly and efficiently.  We highly recommend Ricky as a builder.  We would further say that he is more than our builder, he is our friend."           -Major Jeff and Ursula White
United States Air Force

This was our first experience with building a new home. The details and decisions were very overwhelming and a little frightening.  The folks at Richard Glenn Construction, and Ricky in particular, made this as comfortable as possible.  All of the horror stories we'd heard from our friends who had built homes about their builder and the subs simply weren't a concern with Ricky.  He guided us through the process and made absolutely sure that everything met his high standard of quality and we never had a concern.  Everyone had told us that Ricky would worry more about getting things right than we would.  As hard as that was to believe, it was true.  Even after the closing, one call to Ricky was all it took to resolve any of the minor things we ran into  after moving in.  I whole-heartedly recommend Ricky and all the people of Richard Glenn Construction.  They were there for us every step of the way and we now have the dream home we've always wanted.  If ever we think about building again, our first call will be to Richard Glenn Construction."           -Valerie and Bob Rollins